Thinking outside the book

Concise References

Concise References are customized educational tools featuring select chapters chosen from our extensive portfolio of Adis/Springer Healthcare pocketbooks. They provide a focused and flexible platform for distributing our trusted and valued primary content and are an ideal vehicle for imparting selected key educational topics to busy physicians, without the need to distribute a complete book.

Concise References can be developed as print or electronic deliverables and in a variety of formats and specifications. Additionally, a range of stylish and impactful design options can be applied to the content to create engaging, reader-friendly resources. In both print and electronic formats, advertising opportunities are available.

Overall, Concise References are an effective way of creating custom publications from our authoritative content and are appropriate for a range of client budgets and local gift regulations.

Diagnostic guides

Diagnostic guides offer invaluable, point-of-care tools to assist healthcare professionals in their clinical thinking and decision-making. These guides are formed of digested summaries of relevant content from Adis/Springer Healthcare or Springer books and provide essential background information on the clinical presentation and course of a particular disease, as well as simple instructions on disease recognition and diagnosis.

High-quality images are utilized throughout to support diagnostic and examination guidance, allowing complex information to be imparted quickly and effectively.

These guides can be developed from our primary content or as a customized, exclusive tool that meets a customer’s specific educational needs. Can be developed and produced in a variety of print formats or as an electronic deliverable.


Infographics are increasingly seen as an effective way to communicate complex information to a broader audience. Content derived from our pocketbooks can be adapted into a variety of engaging graphical representations and formats, including bookmarks, leaflets or posters. The original book is referenced in case the end user would like to read more on the disease area.

Assessment Tools

A practical assessment tool to help clinicians when evaluating their patients

eLearning Modules

An online interactive guide with up-to-date medical information to educate healthcare professionals